Post-summer skincare tips: How to revitalize your skin after a lot of sun exposure

Post-summer skincare tips: How to revitalize your skin after a lot of sun exposure

The summer sun can be tough for your skin, causing heat and humidity-related issues. Prolonged sun exposure and dehydration slow down skin cell turnover, making your skin vulnerable to damage and premature aging. Dehydrated skin feels tight and is more susceptible to bacteria.

To counter these effects, you need to replenish and rejuvenate your skin after summer. Hydrate from within by drinking plenty of water and eating foods rich in antioxidants to help restore your skin's vitality.

With summer ending and autumn approaching, here are some practical tips to give your skin a boost after summer. The sun, beach sand, salty sea water, and pool chlorine can all harm your skin's health.

Follow below steps to prepare your skin for the upcoming winter months:


Use a gentle cleanser to remove impurities without stripping your skin's natural oils. Our Enzyme Powder Wash offers effective exfoliation, removing dead skin cells and leaving your skin fresh and clean.

 For very sensitive skin, try our Micellar Cleansing Water. This gentle makeup remover cleanses and soothes irritated skin, promoting a clear complexion. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.


Promote cell turnover with gentle exfoliants like AHAs or BHAs. The Enzyme Powder Wash is ideal for regular use, providing delicate exfoliation without overdoing it.


Replenish your skin with hydrating products containing hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Follow with our Moisturizers to lock in moisture and keep your skin radiant.


Use serums and moisturizers with vitamin C, niacinamide, and peptides to repair sun damage. Our Retinyl Linoleate Concentrate combines retinol and bakuchiol to promote cell renewal, even skin tone, and reduce wrinkles.


Continue using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to protect your skin from UV rays year-round.


Eat a balanced diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

By incorporating these post-summer skincare tips and using our specially curated products, you can restore your skin’s health and resilience. Prepare for the new season with confidence, knowing your skin is ready to face any challenges ahead.

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